Cooking Vocabulary and Expressions in Spanish


Useful terms and expressions related to cooking in Spanish

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Cooking is a fundamental aspect of many cultures, and Spanish-speaking countries are no exception. Whether you’re interested in learning to cook traditional dishes or simply want to understand Spanish-language cooking shows and recipes, it’s essential to have a good foundation in cooking vocabulary and expressions. In this article, we will explore the basics of cooking terminology and provide you with the essential Spanish cooking vocabulary and expressions you need to know.

Basic cooking terms in Spanish

  • To cook: cocinar
  • To bake: hornear
  • To fry: freír
  • To roast: asar
  • To boil: hervir
  • To sauté: saltear
  • To grate: rallar
  • To chop: picar
  • To cut: cortar
  • To mix: mezclar
  • To beat: batir
  • To knead: amasar
  • To strain: colar
  • To melt: derretir
  • To stuff: rellenar
  • To drizzle: rociar
  • To sprinkle: espolvorear
  • To roll up: enrollar
  • To add: añadir

Cooking equipment and utensils in Spanish

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  • Pot: olla
  • Frying pan: sartén
  • Oven: horno
  • Mixer: batidora
  • Knife: cuchillo
  • Cutting board: tabla de cortar
  • Fork: tenedor
  • Spoon: cuchara
  • Cup: taza
  • Glass: vaso
  • Plate: plato
  • Teapot: tetera
  • Coffee maker: cafetera

Ingredients in Spanish

  • Meat: carne
  • Chicken: pollo
  • Fish: pescado
  • Seafood: mariscos
  • Rice: arroz
  • Pasta: pasta
  • Vegetables: verduras
  • Fruits: frutas
  • Oil: aceite
  • Salt: sal
  • Pepper: pimienta
  • Sugar: azúcar
  • Flour: harina
  • Yeast: levadura
  • Egg: huevo
  • Cheese: queso
  • Butter: mantequilla
  • Milk: leche
  • Cream: crema
  • Heavy cream: nata

Cooking expressions and instructions with examples in Spanish

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  • To grate: rallar

Example: “Ralla el queso para agregarlo a la ensalada.”

Translation: “Grate the cheese to add it to the salad.”

  • To knead: amasar

Example: “Amasa la masa de pizza durante cinco minutos antes de dejarla reposar.”

Translation: “Knead the pizza dough for five minutes before letting it rest.”

  • To season with herbs: sazonar con hierbas

Example: “Sazona la carne con hierbas frescas para darle más sabor.”

Translation: “Season the meat with fresh herbs to give it more flavor.”

  • To chop: picar

Example: “Pica la cebolla en trozos pequeños antes de agregarla al sofrito.”

Translation: “Chop the onion into small pieces before adding it to the sauce.”

  • To roast: asar al horno

Example: “Asa las verduras en el horno durante 20 minutos para que queden doradas.”

Translation: “Roast the vegetables in the oven for 20 minutes until they become golden brown.”

  • To blend: mezclar

Example: “Mezcla todos los ingredientes en la batidora hasta obtener una masa suave.”

Translation: “Blend all the ingredients in the mixer until you get a smooth mixture.”

  • To marinate: marinar

Example: “Marina el pollo durante dos horas antes de asarlo para que quede más jugoso.”

Translation: “Marinate the chicken for two hours before grilling it to make it more juicy.”

  • To slice: rebanar

Example: “Rebana el pan en rodajas antes de tostarlo en el horno.”

Translation: “Slice the bread into slices before toasting it in the oven.”

  • To steam: cocer al vapor

Example: “Cuece las verduras al vapor para que conserven más nutrientes.”

Translation: “Steam the vegetables to retain more nutrients.”

  • To simmer for (a certain amount of time): cocer a fuego lento durante (una cantidad de tiempo)

Example: “Cuece la salsa a fuego lento durante una hora para que se concentren los sabores.”

Translation: “Simmer the sauce over low heat for one hour to concentrate the flavors.”

More useful verbs related to cooking in Spanish

  • To chop: picar
  • To mince: picar finamente
  • To dice: cortar en cubitos
  • To slice: rebanar
  • To julienne: cortar en juliana
  • To grate: rallar
  • To shred: desmenuzar
  • To cube: cortar en cubos
  • To peel: pelar
  • To core: quitar el corazón
  • To seed: quitar las semillas
  • To devein: quitar la vena
  • To pit: quitar el hueso
  • To season: sazonar
  • To marinate: marinar
  • To brine: salmuera
  • To mix: mezclar
  • To stir: revolver
  • To beat: batir
  • To knead: amasar
  • To roll out: extender
  • To cut out: cortar en formas
  • To shape: dar forma
  • To fold: doblar
  • To brush: cepillar con aceite o mantequilla
  • To drizzle: rociar en hilo fino
  • To sprinkle: espolvorear
  • To baste: rociar con el jugo de cocción
  • To glaze: glasear
  • To roast: asar
  • To bake: hornear
  • To broil: gratinar
  • To fry: freír
  • To boil: hervir
  • To simmer: cocer a fuego lento
  • To steam: cocer al vapor
  • To grill: parrillar
  • To smoke: ahumar