Zodiac Signs in Spanish


What are the zodiac names in Spanish? Let’s learn the zodiac signs in Spanish and learn how to ask about zodiac signs in Spanish. We’ll explore the names of the twelve signs in Spanish, their corresponding birthdates, and some key vocabulary to describe their personalities.

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How to Ask About Zodiac Signs in Spanish

Ever meet someone new and want to break the ice with a fun conversation starter? In English, we might ask, “What’s your sign?” referring to their zodiac sign. Astrology is a popular topic around the world, and Spanish is no exception! This quick guide will show you how to ask someone about their zodiac sign in Spanish.

Phrases to Ask About Zodiac Signs in Spanish:

  • ¿De qué signo eres? – This is the most common and direct way to ask someone their zodiac sign. It literally translates to “What sign are you?”
  • ¿Cuál es tu signo zodiacal? – This phrase is a more formal way to ask about someone’s zodiac sign. It translates to “What is your zodiac sign?”
  • ¿Y tú, de qué eres? – In a casual conversation with someone you already know a bit, this can be a fun way to ask their sign. It means “And you, what are you?” in reference to their zodiac sign.

Responding to the Question:

  • Soy [tu signo zodiacal]. – This is how you would simply say your zodiac sign. For example, “Soy Tauro” (I am Taurus).
  • Yo nací en [mes], así que soy [tu signo zodiacal]. – This adds a little more information, saying “I was born in [month], so I am [your zodiac sign].”

List of the Zodiac in Spanish

What are the Zodiac Signs in Spanish?

Aries (Aries)

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March 21st to April 19th.

Key words: enérgico (energetic), independiente (independent), valiente (brave).

Tauro (Taurus)

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April 20th to May 20th.

Key words: confiable (reliable), paciente (patient), terco (stubborn).

Géminis (Gemini)

May 21st to June 20th.

Key words: adaptable (adaptable), inteligente (intelligent), comunicativo (communicative).

Cáncer (Cancer)

June 21st to July 22nd.

Key words: emocional (emotional), intuitivo (intuitive), sensible (sensitive).

Leo (Leo)

July 23rd to August 22nd.

Key words: creativo (creative), generoso (generous), confiado (confident).

Virgo (Virgo)

August 23rd to September 22nd.

Key words: práctico (practical), organizado (organized), perfeccionista (perfectionist).

Libra (Libra)

September 23rd to October 22nd.

Key words: diplomático (diplomatic), justo (fair), armonioso (harmonious).

Escorpio (Scorpio)

October 23rd to November 21st.

Key words: apasionado (passionate), misterioso (mysterious), magnético (magnetic).

Sagitario (Sagittarius)

November 22nd to December 21st.

Key words: optimista (optimistic), aventurero (adventurous), independiente (independent).

Capricornio (Capricorn)

December 22nd to January 19th.

Key words: ambicioso (ambitious), disciplinado (disciplined), responsable (responsible).

Acuario (Aquarius)

January 20th to February 18th.

Key words: original (original), independiente (independent), humanitario (humanitarian).

Piscis (Pisces)

February 19th to March 20th

Key words: creativo (creative), compasivo (compassionate), intuitivo (intuitive).

Spanish Terms of The Horoscope

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The world of astrology thrives in Spanish as well! If you’re curious about horoscope lingo or want to understand Spanish horoscopes, this glossary is your guide, taking you beyond the basics and into sentence examples.

General Terms:

  • Horóscopo (Horóscopo): The overall prediction based on your zodiac sign. (Mi horóscopo de esta semana dice que tendré suerte en el amor. – My horoscope this week says I’ll have good luck in love.)
  • Signo zodiacal (Zodiac Sign): The astrological sign you were born under. (Soy Acuario, ¡siempre tan innovador! – I’m Aquarius, always so innovative!)
  • Astrología (Astrología): The study of celestial bodies and their influence on people’s lives. (Me interesa la astrología porque me ayuda a entenderme mejor. – I’m interested in astrology because it helps me understand myself better.)
  • Astrólogo (Astrólogo): Someone who interprets astrological charts and makes predictions. (Fui a ver a un astrólogo para conocer mi futuro profesional. – I went to see an astrologer to know about my professional future.)

Planetary Positions and Their Impact:

  • Planeta (Planeta): A celestial body orbiting the sun. (El tránsito de Marte por mi signo me da mucha energía. – The transit of Mars through my sign gives me a lot of energy.)
  • Tránsito (Transit): The movement of a planet through a specific zodiac sign, influencing your horoscope. (Este mes hay un tránsito de Venus que favorece el amor. – There’s a Venus transit this month that favors love.)
  • Aspecto (Aspect): The angular relationship between planets in an astrological chart, affecting the horoscope’s interpretation. (El astrólogo mencionó un aspecto tenso entre Saturno y Júpiter, lo que indica desafíos. – The astrologer mentioned a tense aspect between Saturn and Jupiter, indicating challenges.)
  • Casa astrológica (Astrological House): A division of the zodiac chart representing specific life areas. (Mi casa del dinero está en Tauro, ¡eso debe significar buena suerte! – My house of money is in Taurus, that must mean good luck!)

Positive and Negative Influences with Examples:

  • Suerte (Luck): A period of good fortune in your horoscope. (¡Mi horóscopo dice que tendré suerte en los negocios! – My horoscope says I’ll have luck in business!)
  • Éxito (Success): Positive outcomes predicted by your horoscope. (El astrólogo predijo éxito en mi carrera si me esfuerzo. – The astrologer predicted career success if I put in the effort.)
  • Abundancia (Abundance): A time of plenty and prosperity indicated in your horoscope. (El horóscopo indica una época de abundancia para los signos de fuego. – The horoscope indicates a time of abundance for fire signs.)
  • Amor (Love): A favorable period for love and relationships, as shown in your horoscope. (Este mes parece ser ideal para el amor según mi horóscopo. – This month seems to be ideal for love according to my horoscope.)
  • Armonía (Harmony): A prediction of balance and peace in your horoscope. (El horóscopo indica armonía en las relaciones familiares. – The horoscope indicates harmony in family relationships.)
  • Reto (Challenge): A difficult period or obstacle indicated by your horoscope. (El horóscopo menciona un reto en el trabajo este mes. – The horoscope mentions a challenge at work this month.)
  • Conflicto (Conflict): Disagreements or arguments foreseen in your horoscope. (El astrólogo advirtió sobre posibles conflictos con amigos. – The astrologer warned about potential conflicts with friends.)
  • Obstáculo (Obstacle): A hurdle or setback predicted by horoscope. (Puede que haya un obstáculo en mis planes de viaje, según el horóscopo. – There might be an obstacle in my travel plans, according to the horoscope.)
  • Tensión (Tension): A period of stress or strain suggested by your horoscope. (El horóscopo predice una semana con tensión en el trabajo. – The horoscope predicts a tense week at work.)
  • Desafío (Challenge): A difficult situation you might face, according to your horoscope. (Este mes trae un desafío financiero, pero podré superarlo. – This month brings a financial challenge, but I can overcome it.)