Animal Names in Spanish Starting With T


Here is a list of animal names in Spanish beginning with the letter T. For a comprehensive list of animal names in Spanish, you may visit the complete list page provided here.

Tapir/Danta – Tapir in Spanish

  • El tapir se encuentra en la selva tropical.
  • The tapir is found in the rainforest.
tapir in Spanish
Image by Dušan from Pixabay

Tejón – Badger in Spanish

  • El tejón excava madrigueras en el suelo.
  • The badger digs burrows in the ground.
badger in spanish
Image by hrw1973 from Pixabay

Termita – Termite in Spanish

  • La termita se alimenta de madera.
  • The termite feeds on wood.
termite in spanish
Image by Sanjay Acharya

Ternero – Calf in Spanish

  • El ternero juega en el prado.
  • The calf plays in the meadow.
calf in spanish
Image by VALERIE from Pixabay

Tiburón – Shark in Spanish

  • El tiburón nada en aguas profundas.
  • The shark swims in deep waters.
shark in spanish
Image by Andrea Bohl from Pixabay

Tigre – Tiger in Spanish

  • El tigre acecha a su presa en la jungla.
  • The tiger stalks its prey in the jungle.
tiger in spanish
Image by G.C. from Pixabay

Topo – Mole in Spanish

  • El topo excava túneles bajo tierra.
  • The mole digs tunnels underground.
mole in spanish
Image by Wolfgang Inderwies from Pixabay

Toro – Bull in Spanish

  • El toro pasta en el campo.
  • The bull grazes in the field.
bull in spanish
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Tortuga de mar – Turtle (sea turtle) in Spanish

  • La tortuga de mar nada en el océano.
  • The sea turtle swims in the ocean.
turtle in spanish
Image by Geraldine Dukes from Pixabay

Tortuga de tierra – Tortoise in Spanish

  • La tortuga de tierra se mueve lentamente.
  • The tortoise moves slowly.
tortoise in spanish
Image by Redkite from Pixabay

Tritón – Triton in Spanish

  • El tritón vive en ambientes acuáticos.
  • The triton lives in aquatic environments.
triton in spanish

Trucha – Trout in Spanish

  • La trucha nada en aguas frescas.
  • The trout swims in fresh water.
trout in spanish
Image by John French from Pixabay

Tucán – Toucan in Spanish

  • El tucán tiene un pico colorido.
  • The toucan has a colorful beak.
toucan in spanish