Common Colors In Spanish


Study and practice the color names in Spanish

You can check your knowledge at the end of the page or just by clicking: Quiz: Colors in Spanish!

Amarillo – Yellow in Spanish

Yellow in Spanish
Image by Eglantine Shala-Udry

Azul – Blue in Spanish

Blue butterfly, blue in spanish
Image by Garoch

Blanco – White in Spanish

white wall, white in spanish
Image by Darkmoon_Art

Gris – Grey in Spanish

grey wolves, grey in spanish
Image by Christel SAGNIEZ

Marrón – Brown in Spanish

brown door, brown in spanish
Photo by Justin Luebke

Morado – Purple in Spanish

purple balloons, purple in spanish
Image by Pexels

Naranja – Orange in Spanish

orange car, orange in spanish
Photo by Hector Falcon

Negro – Black in Spanish

black swan, black in spanish
Photo by Mitchell Luo

Púrpura -Purple in Spanish

purple carrots, purple in spanish

Rojo – Red in Spanish

red apple, red in spanish

Verde – Green in Spanish

green in spanish, green leaves

Violeta – Violet in Spanish

violet in spanish

Colors in Spanish