Animal Names Starting With P in Spanish


List of animal names that start with the letter P in Spanish with images

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Pájaro carpintero – Woodpecker

woodpecker on a tree
Image by Siegfried Poepperl from Pixabay

Paloma – Pigeon

pigeon on a roof in New York City
Image by Pexels

Panda rojo – Red panda

red panda walking on tree branch
Image by Welcome to All ! ツ

Pangolín – Pangolin

Photo by Louis Mornaud

Panther – Pantera

black panther
Image by katerinavulcova

Pato – Duck

duck and her ducklings swimming
Image by Alain Audet

Pavo – Turkey

turkey bird walking on grass
Image by Tracey O’Brien

Pavo real – Peacock

male peacock with wings open
Image by Andrea Gibhardt

Pelícano – Pelican

two pelicans on beach
Image by sandid

Perdiz – Partridge

partridge on ground walking
Image by Alain Audet

Perico/Periquito – Parakeet

Periquito – green parakeet on tree branch
Image by Andreas Lischka

Perro – Dog

perro, dog running and playing fetch holding  wooden stick in mouth
Image by Dave Francis from Pixabay

Petirrojo – Robin

robin bird perched on tree branch
Image by Christiane

Pez espada – Swordfish

Photo by Oleksandr Sushko

Pingüino – Penguin

penguins walking on shore
Image by Rosy from

Pinzón – Finch

Image by minka2507

Piojo – Louse

plant louse
Image by Claudia

Piraña – Piranha

piranhas in aquarium
Image by ArtActiveArt

Pitón – Python

Image by Silvia

Polilla – Moth

moth on a flower
Image by EyeCandyDesignz

Pollo – Chicken

chicken walking on grass
Image by munzelminka

Potro – Foal

potro, foal-walking on grass
Image by Jean Louis Tosque

Puercoespín – Porcupine

porcupine eating a carrot
Image by Alena Tučímová

Pulga – Flea

Photo by CDC

Pulpo – Octopus

Image by Taken

Puma/Cougar – Puma

Image by Bobby Herron

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