Animal Names Starting With L in Spanish

List of animal names in Spanish that start with L

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What animals start with L in Spanish? Here is the answer:

Lagartija – Lizard

Photo by Ishara Kasthuriarachchi from Pexels

Langosta – Lobster

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León – Lion

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León Marino – Sea lion

Image by gkgegk from Pixabay

Leopardo – Leopard

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Libélula – Dragonfly

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Liebre – Hare

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Lince – Lynx

Image by Thomas Wilken from Pixabay

Llama – Llama

Animal names that starts with letter L in Spanish
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Lobo – Wolf

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Lombriz – Earthworm

Image by Patricia Maine Degrave from Pixabay

Loro/Papagayo – Parrot

Image by alvaroas8a0 from Pixabay

Luciérnaga – Firefly

Photo by Flash Dantz from Pexels

Animal Names Starting With L