Animal Names Starting With L in Spanish


List of animal names in Spanish that start with L

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What animals start with L in Spanish? Here is the answer:

Lagartija – Lizard

La lagartija se camufla entre las rocas. (The lizard camouflages itself among the rocks.)

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Langosta – Lobster

La langosta es un marisco delicioso. (The lobster is a delicious seafood.)

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León – Lion

El león es el rey de la selva. (The lion is the king of the jungle.)

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León Marino – Sea lion

El león marino descansa en la playa. (The sea lion rests on the beach.)

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Leopardo – Leopard

El leopardo tiene un pelaje manchado. (The leopard has spotted fur.)

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Libélula – Dragonfly

La libélula revolotea cerca del estanque. (The dragonfly flutters near the pond.)

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Liebre – Hare

La liebre corre velozmente por el campo. (The hare runs swiftly through the field.)

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Lince – Lynx

El lince es un felino de aspecto majestuoso. (The lynx is a majestic-looking feline.)

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Llama – Llama

La llama es un animal doméstico en algunas regiones. (The llama is a domesticated animal in some regions.)

Animal names that starts with letter L in Spanish
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Lobo – Wolf

El lobo aúlla en la noche. (The wolf howls at night.)

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Lombriz – Earthworm

La lombriz ayuda a mantener la tierra fértil. (The earthworm helps keep the soil fertile.)

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Loro/Papagayo – Parrot

El loro imita diferentes sonidos y palabras. (The parrot imitates different sounds and words.)

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Luciérnaga – Firefly

La luciérnaga ilumina la noche con su luz intermitente. (The firefly lights up the night with its intermittent glow.)

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Animal Names Starting With L