Animal Names Starting With B in Spanish


Here is a list of animals in Spanish starting with the letter B. After learning all the vocabulary, you can check your knowledge by trying the quiz here or at the end of the page!

Bacalao – Cod in Spanish

  • El bacalao es un pez de aguas frías.
  • Cod is a fish found in cold waters.
Image by Robert Waghorn

Bagre – Catfish in Spanish

  • El bagre nada en aguas dulces.
  • English: The catfish swims in freshwater.
Image by David Mark

Ballena – Whale in Spanish

  • La ballena es el mamífero más grande del océano.
  • English: The whale is the largest mammal in the ocean.
Image by Brigitte

Barracuda – Barracuda in Spanish

  • La barracuda es un depredador ágil en aguas tropicales.
  • The barracuda is an agile predator in tropical waters.
Image by macg

Boa – Boa in Spanish

  • La boa es una serpiente constríctora que vive en América.
  • The boa is a constrictor snake that lives in America.
Image by sipa

Buey – Ox in Spanish

  • El buey es un animal de carga fuerte.
  • The ox is a strong working animal.
Image by Gerhard G.

Búfalo/Bisonte – Buffalo in Spanish

  • El búfalo es un mamífero herbívoro de gran tamaño.
  • The buffalo is a large herbivorous mammal.
Image by Leon Basson

Búho/Lechuza – Owl in Spanish

  • El búho es un ave nocturna que caza de noche.
  • The owl is a nocturnal bird that hunts at night.
Image by Ton W

Buitre – Vulture in Spanish

  • El buitre se alimenta de carroña.
  • The vulture feeds on carrion.

Burro/Asno – Donkey in Spanish

  • El burro es un animal de carga utilizado en algunas zonas rurales.
  • The donkey is a working animal used in some rural areas.
Image by David Mark

Animal names starting with B