Animal Names Starting With A


List of animal names in Spanish starting with A

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Abeja – Bee in Spanish

  • La abeja zumba alrededor de las flores.
  • The bee buzzes around the flowers.
Image by Thomas Schiewer

Águila – Eagle in Spanish

  • El águila vuela alto en el cielo.
  • The eagle flies high in the sky.
Image by Gabriele Bendler

Alce – Moose/Elk in Spanish

  • El alce tiene cuernos grandes.
  • The elk has large antlers.
Image by PublicDomainImages

Almeja – Clam in Spanish

  • La almeja se entierra en la arena del mar.
  • The clam buries itself in the sand of the sea.
Image by GonzaKnox

Alondra – Lark in Spanish

  • La alondra canta hermosamente en la mañana.
  • The lark sings beautifully in the morning.
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas

Alpaca – Alpaca in Spanish

  • La alpaca produce lana suave.
  • The alpaca produces soft wool.
Image by Kasjan Farbisz

Anchoa – Anchovy in Spanish

  • La anchoa es un pequeño pez salado.
  • The anchovy is a small, salty fish.
Image by Andreina Nacca

Anguila – Eel in Spanish

  • La anguila nada ágilmente en el agua.
  • The eel swims agilely in the water.
Image by Amanda Higgins

Antílope – Antelope in Spanish

  • El antílope corre velozmente por la pradera.
  • The antelope runs swiftly across the meadow.
Image by Christo Ras

Araña – Spider in Spanish

  • La araña teje una telaraña en la esquina.
  • The spider weaves a web in the corner.
Image by Ben Kerckx

Ardilla – Squirrel in Spanish

  • La ardilla salta de rama en rama.
  • The squirrel jumps from branch to branch.
Image by Elli Stattaus

Arenque – Herring in Spanish

  • El arenque es un pez común en aguas frías.
  • The herring is a common fish in cold waters.
Image by Manfred Richter

Armadillo – Armadillo in Spanish

  • El armadillo tiene un caparazón fuerte.
  • The armadillo has a strong shell.
Image by zoosnow

Atún – Tuna in Spanish

  • El atún nada rápidamente en el océano.
  • The tuna swims quickly in the ocean.
Image by Kevin Phillips

Avestruz – Ostrich in Spanish

  • El avestruz corre velozmente en la llanura.
  • The ostrich runs swiftly on the plain.
Image by Rujhan Basir

Avispa – Wasp in Spanish

  • La avispa zumba alrededor del jardín.
  • English: The wasp buzzes around the garden.

Animal names starting with A